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Are you an organization looking for ways to attract visitors or recruit participants to special events that you organize and host?

Organizing and hosting events can be an expensive activity. Similarly, attending events for the individuals you hope will attend, can also be a very expensive activity. So while some businesses may see the benefits of paying for their employees to attend the events that you have on offer, ultimately travel and business expensive do play a part in whether or not you can attract the audience you are hoping for. This is especially the case if your organization or business operates internationally and you expect your attendees to travel overseas.

Visit Someone offers a solution to this problem. With Visit Someone, individuals can set up profiles whereby they can advertise that they are either looking for accommodation within a household in a particular destination, or they can advertise that they are willing to host travelers from other countries or cities in their own homes. By setting your organization up on our website you can allow our users to visit your profile (and by extension your website). By offering a homestay as a more affordable means of accommodation, this may encourage them to travel to your event.

Not only can you encourage attendees to visit your event via this method of travel and accommodation through placing an advertisement on our site, and by advertising through your own marketing channels, you can also encourage new and perhaps unexpected visitors to your event from a large number of users of our site. If you have a particular product or service that can gain an advantage from passing trade through the location in which you are situated, for instance, if you are a business which attracts tourists or visitors, advertising on our page can be a strong touchpoint and an additional marketing avenue for your business to attract new visitors.

The hospitality and homestay sectors are continually growing. Travellers are looking for new kinds of experiences away from the norm and are more willing to try new things when it comes to how, when and why they travel. Smart businesses are taking advantage of the possibilities that this creates for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries and are looking to provide more ways to provide solutions to this new approach to travel and tourism.

By partnering with Visit Someone you will be sending the message out to our users and your loyal customers/fans that you are a forward-thinking business looking to provide ways to help them out when they visit an area in which your organization is based.

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