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Visit Exeter

Devon is a stunning area of the United Kingdom. Offering an array of beautiful towns and countryside views, it is the perfect place to plan a visit. Exeter, the capital city of Devon, is the ideal place to start. This vibrant and diverse city is filled with streets lined with stunning architecture, friendly people, fantastic shopping and some brilliant street performances from buskers.


Exeter began as a Roman Town all the way back in 50AD. With over 2000 years of history, this is a city that has seen a lot of action. Today, Exeter invites you to explore its streets to spot some of the historical landmarks. From the Roman Wall that still stands to this day to the amazing underground passages that run through the city, Exeter is home to some fascinating historical features. The Cathedral, built over 900 years ago, boasts magnificent gothic architecture and astonishing Norman Towers. Here, you will find the oldest Gothic Vaulting in the entire world. Explore these fantastic landmarks, before visiting the Royal Albert Memorial Museum for fascinating exhibitions about the city.

Things to Do

Exeter is a City unrivalled for the choice of things to do. This small city is jam-packed with all sorts of activities and landmarks that will bring joy to all ages. After covering the fantastic selection of historical features, explore the West Quarter and the beautiful cobbled Gandy street in the evening for the city’s best eateries and live music venues.

Surrounding Exeter is the beautiful English Countryside. From hilly walks through Devon, to the famed Jurassic Coast, you will only be a stone's throw from peaceful, calming natural adventures. But don’t forget to visit Exeter’s historic Quayside. Situated only a 15-minute walk from the city centre, this picturesque area has a fascinating history, beautiful buildings and some of the best cafes in the city.

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