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Visit Aberdeen

From the stunning rolling highlands and its lochs to the bustling historical cities and towns, it is no wonder that Scotland is such a popular destination for holidays. Despite the chill in the air, this gorgeous country has something for everyone. One excellent example of this is the City of Aberdeen. Located in the North-East of Scotland, this Port City is made up of beautiful granite buildings. Located against the coast, this city's docks allow ships to pull up right next to the city centre. With this considered, it's no surprise that Aberdeen is regarded as one of the most architecturally distinctive cities in Europe.


Dating back to 6000BC, Aberdeen holds an impressive history. With such a long-standing heritage, this city offers so much to discover.   Discover the marvels that are the Stone Circles, wander through the Hazelhead Park (the oldest in Scotland) or learn all about the city's exciting history in the Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

The Old Towns

With not one, but two old towns, this city is the perfect place to explore. Wander through Footdee and take in the beautiful little cottages that line the quirky fishing quarter. Be sure to visit Old Aberdeen as well, with its cobbled streets surrounded by ancient trees; this area is home to the iconic 15th Century Cathedral.

Things to Do

If there's one thing you can count on in Aberdeen, it's the brilliant architecture. Famously known as the "City of Granite", this city's unique buildings make the perfect setting for your holiday. During your stay, there are a few things you should slip into your itinerary. Take a seat on the harbour and have a look for the playful dolphins that also call this city home, before taking a drink in the former Gothic Church - Slains Castle. Now a spooky Dracula themed bar; this is a quirky yet authentic way to enjoy the city. 

Don't forget the stunning collection of parks this city has to offer. In between visiting The Gordan Highlander Museum and the beautiful Aberdeen Art Gallery, you should pop into Seaton Park, to escape the bustle of the city and take in nature.

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