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Visit Cambridge

With its ancient colleges, quaint cobbled streets and winding river, it is indeed no surprise that Cambridge is widely considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. Home to the World Renowned, Cambridge University, the City is vastly dominated by 31 prestigious colleges that make it in some ways - a student town. But don’t let this deter you. The impressive list of alumni that graduated from Cambridge University suggests that you are not likely to find rowdy crowds stumbling across the cobbles. But instead, be surrounded by some of the finest minds and most significant future contributors to our society.

Home to a pedestrian-only town centre, Cambridge is the perfect place to explore and escape from the big city noises and crowds. Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, to view some of the fantastic Egyptian remains and Artwork, while exploring the winding streets and taking in the stunning architecture. Close to the river, you will find some of the stunning Cambridge University Botanical gardens. Offering the most delightful greenery that Britain has to offer, this area invites all to meander along these beautiful grounds and watch the punters along the river.

A whopping 88 of Cambridge’s alumni have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, so it is no surprise that this City celebrates these names. After visiting the iconic King’s College Chapel, and viewing the impressive structure of the Mathematical Bridge a walk to Free School Lane is advised. From Ernest Rutherford to Frederick Sanger, you can view the plaques of the trail-blazing graduates that wondered these same streets. At the end of this street is the famed Eagle pub. Enjoy a drink before taking in the most stunning views of this City, from the Great St Mary’s Church.

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