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Visit London

London is the United Kingdom’s magnificent capital city. One of the oldest capitals in the world, this fantastic City dates back over 2000 years, to the Roman Empire. Situated on the River Thames, the docks (now lined with glamourous apartments), were the key to the City’s prosperity at the height of the British Empire. Today, London serves as the business and cultural hub of the United Kingdon. Serving as the home to the Royal Family and some of the world's favourite celebs, London offers both glamour and culture. From the V&A and the Natural History Museum to shopping experiences Bond Street and Regent Street, this city has something for everyone.  With all this considered, it is no wonder that this is the number 1 tourist destination in the UK, bringing in a staggering 30 million visitors each year.

This bustling City is made up of a collection of neighbourhoods, each of which offers its unique style and culture.

Square Mile

Commonly referred to as the “Square Mile” or “The City”, this area of Central London is home to some of the oldest and newest architecture in London. In this neighbourhood, you will find iconic skyscrapers such as the Gherkin and the Shard rubbing shoulders with famously ancient buildings, like the Tower of London and All-Hallows- By-The-Tower. This neighbourhood, combining the business city with the historical, is the perfect place to visit when staying in London.


To the west, you will find the City of Westminster. This neighbourhood is home to some of London’s most iconic buildings, from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Alongside the Royalty and Politics, this area also plays host to the fantastic West End Theatre strip and the trendy area of Soho. If you are seeking a day of tourism, followed by a glamorous evening for theatre and cocktails, then Westminster is the place for you.

East London

East London is home to the coolest neighbourhoods in London. From Shoreditch and Huxton to Whitechapel and Mile End, these areas offer a little bit of everything. Here you can explore world-famous Brick Lane and Columbia Road markets, enjoy some vintage shopping and sample some of the best cocktail bars in the City.

Up North

To the North, are Camden, Hamstead and Islington. These areas are home to the liberal and political elite, as well as the best restaurants in London. Explore the world-famous Camden Market for some original and quirky pieces, before grabbing a meal and then settling in a bar to check out some of London’s up-and-coming bands.  

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