Your most unforgettable visit experiences with friends.

Our story

Visit Someone was an idea that was formed by our founders, on a visit to one of their favorite destinations, Switzerland. While enjoying the stunning scenery and beautiful weather they were curious to know more about the local way of life.

Fortunately, on day three of their trip, during a visit to a coffee shop, became acquainted with a friendly family that lived locally. After expressing their desire to learn more about the local area from the point of view of the residents living there, the family kindly invited them over to stay.

The founders enjoyed every moment of their time with the family, and got the chance to learn so much more about what it was to be a resident in the area. They both agreed that this experience had really made the holiday for them, and that it really was the cherry on the top of the cake when it came to their overall experience.

They enjoyed their time so much that they came up with the idea to create a platform that would enable other travellers to make similarly meaningful and memorable connections that they could arrange prior to even boarding their flight. Thereby helping travellers to connect with real people living and working in villages, towns and cities right across the world in the same way they did.