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A Review of Hospitality Travel

A Review of Hospitality travel and homestay sector/industry

Over the past two decades, more and more people from around the globe have been displaying an interest in travelling and exploring new places, and in finding and meeting new friends. This increase has led to more opportunities for businesses to take advantage of this kind of tourism by providing visitors with products and services of use to them, which in turn has led to more jobs in industries such as hospitality and tourism.



A rise in travellers (and especially young people) wanting unique and authentic experiences has led to the popularity of services such as those that are available within the homestay sector, becoming more prevalent. Smart businesses have caught on to this growing trend, and have become more creative in the way they market what they have to offer. The hospitality industry (closely connected to the homestay sector) has, therefore, become more flexible to new ideas and new ways of doing things that provide supply to an increase in demand of the unusual and unique travel experience.

With the influx of tourists and travellers – in particular, during vacation seasons – there has never been so much opportunity for members of the hospitality, travel and homestay industries to take advantage. From food and drink services to lodging, and event & trip planning, to theme parks, cruise lines and transportation there are countless areas within hospitality that can, and do, benefit from tourism to their local areas. Many countries rely on this kind of tourism, such is the power of the hospitality industry and the income it can bring in.

As a result, the homestay sector has become more and more popular in recent years. With people not only looking for cost-effective ways to travel but also wanting to have new, different, exciting and authentic experiences, the homestay sector has provided an ideal solution to this demand. The hospitality travel and homestay sectors have proven to be highly lucrative for businesses and organizations that have been able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them – and in particular during key vacation seasons.

Old and young, there is a growing trend here in people across the world looking for real interactions with residents of the destinations they are travelling to. And with the developments in technology, it has never been so easy to plan a holiday with this intention in mind. The desire to make connections with people from other countries can now be planned in advance at the click of a button and the opening of a chatbox.

This is the benefit that our website provides our users with. From a single click, a user can log in to our website and search for the areas or destinations of interest to them. After logging in, the user will simply need to search for trips of interest to them and the hosts offering their homes to visitors within these areas will be presented to them.

With more people than ever turning to their phones and to social media for all kinds of things in their lives, travel is no different. In fact, travel is one of the most prevalent subjects talked about and photographed online. As such this new digital way to view travel – whether it be looking for ideas of where to go by reading travel blogs, or physically booking holidays over the phone – the ways and means by which users expect to travel has changed, and so should the industry change to suit these user trends.

Before the involvement of social media and the internet, the pace of the homestay industry was slower as it was not easy for the visitors to find hosts easily or vice versa. Similarly, there wasn’t the option to just simply book a holiday from the comfort of your sofa or scan multiple different sites to research the price of each element of a holiday, and so people travelled by more conventional ways and means. In contrast to the rise of the internet, the homestay field has only become more popular. Just as it is possible to connect with almost anyone in the world via social media, it is also possible to connect with and post their invitations to, visitors and hosts for homestay arrangements.

This trend only set to continue and become even more prevalent. With constantly evolving ways and means of connecting with people and researching about particular destinations, events or attractions, the future is only going to prove even brighter for the people and organizations operating in these industries.