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Arrange a Group Visit

Arrange a Group Visit

Group visits are a fantastic option for those looking to travel with friends. Travelling with friends can be a lot of fun, and even more fun should you have the opportunity to meet new people in the destination you are visiting. Not only do you have the opportunity to strengthen your ties with your friends via a fantastic once, in a lifetime shared experience, you also get to build new friendships and connections with like-minded people living in the areas you wish to visit.

At Visit Someone we ensure that our hosts are appropriate to the travellers coming to visit. By providing the opportunity for hosts and visitors to post profiles of themselves we enable our site users to pick and choose a host or visitor (or group of visitors) which they feel will be most suited to their particular requirements and the kind of holiday the visitor would like to experience. By choosing a host through Visit Someone, therefore, you will be able to tailor the experience you would like to have, and the kind of relationship you would like to build with your host before you have even arrived.

With Visit Someone you can also decide on the level of interaction you would like to have with your host. You may for instance simply want to meet a host in the local area and stay in a hotel, or you may want to combine the homestay experience with one that also includes staying in other forms of accommodation. Visit Someone is intended to be an entirely flexible tool to help you have the experience that you really want to have.

Booking events for a group of friends can be a notoriously difficult task to achieve. No matter where you plan to go there will always be a difference of opinion in just how the trip should be organized and what exactly each individual would like to do while they are there. With Visit Someone, however – providing you all agree that you would like to participate in a homestay style arrangement – much of the difficulties that arise in booking a group holiday can be removed, with the value for money that it has to offer. Unlike when booking a hotel (or any other form of accommodation) by organizing a homestay visit you can rest assured that the cost of your trip will be dramatically reduced and will, therefore, be the most affordable option for all members of your group.

All in all, by using our site to travel as part of a group, you can help to make the whole travelling experience even more enjoyable. Friends travelling in groups are looking to make truly unforgettable memories that they can describe as once in a lifetime event. By arranging a visit to a host in the area you wish to visit, you can be sure that this will be a more memorable experience – if not a more cost-effective one – than booking hotels or other means of accommodation.

At Visit Someone we have numerous hosts in a huge variety of different destinations that are actively looking to host groups of people in their own accommodation. Just set up a profile today and you can start connecting with hosts in your desired destinations as soon as possible.

Are you looking to go on a big adventure, without the hefty price tag to match? Perhaps you want to visit new places, but the idea of travelling solo seems too daunting, and you would feel more comfortable with a group of like-minded people? Group travel boasts benefits that range from better deals and reduced prices to great company, security and amazing memories. With all this, it is no wonder that so many solo travellers are now opting to arrange group visits.

However, when trying to organise these group holidays, people are so often greeted with the following issues:

  • Hefty prices for included visits, experiences and tours you don’t want
  • Limited locations to popular destinations you’ve visited already
  • No information regarding the people in your group
  • Strict itineraries that don’t reflect your personal holiday ideas.

Although some people may find these agreeable, we understand the importance of knowing about your group and being able to plan your trip when you travel. As it really is the company and experiences that can make or break your adventure. So, after looking into all of these offers, we believe that you solo travellers deserve more. Are you seeking:

  • Like-minded people to travel with?
  • The freedom to plan your itinerary, with as many or as few experiences as you wish?
  • The fantastic deals that come with travelling in a group?
  • Visiting the places you want, without compromise?

Then our Group Visits offer is the one for you. We have created a fantastic opportunity, that allows you to arrange group visits all over the world, through just a few clicks of a button. Whether you just want a day out at a nearby tourist attraction or a full holiday abroad, our brilliant website presents you with all the tools you need to do so.

Here at, you can register with ease to set up your personal page. By simply adding a little about yourself, a selfie and your travel plans, you will be on your way to your first group visit. Search through an array of like-minded travellers and invite people to join your adventure on the page you have created. If you’re slightly stumped for places to visit yourself, no problem, you can have a look at other people’s ideas and join their group!

This way of arranging group holidays is brilliant. Safe and so convenient, we have provided the tools for you to begin your journey. All this, along with the array of event hosts, attractions and accommodation already available on our website, you will be well on your way to a memorable, life-changing adventure.

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