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By posting your request here, you can let people know you are willing to host a visitor. If you enjoy the company of others and like the idea of hosting visitors from a wide variety of different cultures and countries around the world then becoming a host to visitors looking to travel to your area is a fantastic idea. As well as the possibility of making new friends, by being a host you can also benefit by learning about the visitors and their backgrounds, language and culture. There are numerous visitors looking right now to be hosted where you live, so you will not be short of requests for visits.

Simply post a request here and you’ll appear among the list of hosts in your country and visitors will immediately be able to connect and communicate with you.


Do you like to meet new people? By becoming a host you can provide a place to stay for travellers from other countries, thereby providing them with an invaluable service, while also enjoying their company during the visit - a win-win for everyone involved! If you like to meet new people, offering your services as a host is also a fantastic way to increase your circle of friends and to learn about the cultures of those visiting.

We recommend that all of our users to get to know their hosts and visitors as much as possible before the visit. As a host, you can make visitors feel extra secure by publishing details like proof ID/address and by providing as much detail as possible. Visitors can then make an informed decision before they commit to their visit.

Once you have created a profile for yourself as a host, you will be able to find and communicate with potential visitors looking to stay in your country or city. Simply fill in your information, create your profile and leave the rest up to us!

We have numerous visitors looking to stay in your location right now, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to host them, create your profile today.

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