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Visit Bristol

On the South-West of England, spread around the River Avon, lies the fantastic City of Bristol. Among the ten largest cities in the UK, Bristol is famed for its ever-evolving music culture and flourishing street art scenes. Although this City now plays host to the up-and-coming alternative art and cultural scenes, its heritage is very different. With Bristol’s convenient location in the River Avon, it is not surprising that this area was the County’s hub for sea trade. Providing trade all over Europe, this City was integral to the successes of Great Britain. It is this powerful combination of historical relevance and modern art culture, that makes Bristol such a perfect city to visit.


Visit the area of Wapping Wharf to take a stroll along the River Avon that runs through the City, and discover the rich history that this City holds. From the Brunel’s SS Great Britain Museum to the M Shed Museum of Bristol’s maritime history, learn historical marvels that all ages can appreciate.

Music Scene

Scattered across Bristol, you will find a collection of some of the best music venues the UK has to offer. From The Exchange to the Gallimourfry bar, this City promises to provide a plethora of musical entertainment throughout the whole week.


We simply couldn't adequately describe Bristol without mentioning one of its most famous artistic exploits- street art. Home to the world-famous Banksy, Bristol’s streets are filled with designs. From colourful murals on street walls and shop shutters to mini tags and mono-chrome "throwies", this City is covered in street art. This unique feature is perhaps one of the greatest things about this City, as by only taking a walk, you can experience free, quality art. Be sure to take a stroll along Stokes Croft, take in the scenes on Nelson Street and visit Dean Lane Skate Park, to enjoy some of the most exceptional art this City has to offer.

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