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We welcome hosts from every corner of the world to sign up to Visit Someone. To be a host however you must be over 18. We also advise that all hosts should either own their own house, or receive proper permission from a landlord first before inviting visitors from Visit Someone to their homes.

Accommodation and facilities available will vary from one home to another. Hosts and visitors are free to negotiate the terms of the stay before the home visit is arranged.

Because Visit Someone aims to promote global friendship, registration and using the VA website is free of charge. We also expect that most of our hosts will provide accommodation for free. However, visitors can contribute to expenses if the host requires any financial contribution. Hosts may charge for Group visits.

This must be approved and negotiated before your visit. So long as the host is aware that you plan to invite more guests over, and you have come to an agreement that this is feasible for all parties, then you are free to invite as many guests as the host is comfortable with.
Use of facilities should be negotiated before your visit. So long as the host is comfortable with you using all facilities then there are no restrictions other than what is arranged between all parties in advance of your stay.

All profiles on Visit Someone are viewed and scrutinised before they are allowed to be published on our site. As a host, you can publish proof of ID and address via your profile to ensure that visitors feel safe and comfortable before committing to their visit.

As a visitor, you can also ask for this information to be provided during your negotiations with the host, and match the information provided with the profile created. Web searches, viewing social media profiles, and conversations by phone or by email are also great ways to ensure that you feel comfortable before committing to either visiting a home or having someone visit you.