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Here at Visit Someone, our goal is to transform the travel experience through meeting new people, visiting unexplored places and being aware of memorable and exciting attractions nearby.

So, how do we do this? Well, first of all, we have a selection of people all over the world registered as hosts and/or visitors. Our fantastic website then allows them to connect, arrange a visit and maybe even build new friendships along the way. Whether you are seeking people to travel with, a place to stay or some suggestions for what to do, our website will have something for you. Our site is perfect for:

  • People who want to host guests in their home
  • Meeting new people
  • Going on new adventures
  • Planning a group trip
  • Advertising a tourist attraction
  • Tourism with a personal touch
  • Authentic experiences of different cultures

Considering that our company ideals are built on personal experiences and connections with new people, it is no surprise that your profile is of vital importance to your experience with us. We give you the opportunity, but what you do with it is entirely up to you. By registering an account at Visit Someone, you will be opening yourself up to new and exciting adventures that are just waiting to be had.

Our registration process is very simple, but your input in this process will be vital to create the perfect connections for you. Please include:

  • A little about yourself
  • Some of your interests (travels/general)
  • Photographs of your favourite memories
  • A selfie

By including a thoughtful and authentic bit of writing about yourself on your profile, you are giving people an insight into the type of person you are. In turn, by reading other people’s profiles, you will be able to consider and decide if these people are who you would like to chat with, and maybe even visit. This also helps to show people that you are invested in the experiences that we are offering, which will encourage more matches with people. By including your home country, you will open up the possibility of group travelling and the tempting discounted rates that this form of travel holds!

Including your interests will also help with connecting with people in terms of personality and hobbies. However, by including where you would like to travel to, you will open yourself up to people who have advice/handy tips of the areas. This communication may also lead to new friendships and a new group holiday plan.

Finally, we cannot stress the importance of photographs enough. While a selfie for your profile is necessary (to show you're not a faceless robot!), we don’t want your profile to look like your passport picture. A picture speaks a thousand words and we allow you to include up to 20 on your profile. These should be a reflection of you. Include your best memories, the most exciting adventures you’ve been on or even you enjoying your favourite hobbies. (whether it’s a glass of wine in the evening, or “sending it down a hill” on a mountain it!)

By following these handy tips when registering your account, you will be sure to get the best possible experience from our site. Register today to start your adventure.