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Here at Visit Someone, our goal is to transform the travel experience through meeting new people, visiting unexplored places and being aware of memorable and exciting attractions nearby. As well as this, the opportunities we have created for connections also opens up very exciting possibilities in business. The advantages of seeking new people to connect and collaborate within work are endless. Our website offers global networking and can be used to meet your own needs. Are you:

  • Seeking some support on a project?
  • Looking for a partner on a new business venture?
  • Need some fresh eyes on your work?
  • Looking for new and exciting collaborations?



Then we have the people for you! If you have not already done so, you will need to start by registering as a visitor or host on our website. This process is super simple, and it welcomes you to our world of connections and collaborations.

Confused about the process? No problem, let us explain. Basically, we have a selection of people all over the world already registered as hosts and/or visitors. Our fantastic website then allows them to connect, collaborate and even arrange to visit. Whether you are seeking a fresh pair of eyes on a problem you’ve got at work or an exciting new collaboration, our website will have something for you

When registering, you can decide whether you would want to potentially host, or visit. Once you’ve chosen this, you will just need to complete your profile, and then you will be all set to connect with like-minded people. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the perfect connections, there are a few things you need to include on your profile:

  • An engaging and authentic bit about yourself
  • Information on the collaborations you’re after
  • Photos (selfie and up to 20 other pictures)
  • Your location

All of the above factors are integral parts of your profile and should not be missed out!

By including a proper “about me” section in your profile, you are showing people your character. This is incredibly important, especially if you’re looking for people to do some work with. You could talk about your education, background and some of the work that you’re interested in, but don’t forget to mention a hobby or two as well! Remember, this is what people will read before anything make sure it’s true to you and the work you want to do. The same can be said for pictures. We allow you to upload up to 20 on your profile. This is the perfect opportunity to display some of your portfolio alongside your favourite memories.

Finally, your location could be incredibly helpful when meeting potential collaborators. If you have a bit of a tight deadline and want to meet them in person, you’ll be able to select people near you. Our location feature also offers very exciting opportunities, as well. Maybe you’re looking to extend your business abroad and need to conduct some market research? This tool allows you to converse with people in the area you’re looking for.

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